FInding Your Products

Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc. provides the best of the industries products through and, ranging from security cameras to biometric door access control.





Biometric Access

Fingerprint accessibility through a door, gate, or garage access point has become increasingly popular for a reason. The reliability of biometric scanner technology and algorithms has created ease for many departments. If lost keys or access cards cause concern over the safety and security of your facility, biometric systems requiring a fingerprint for authorization will meet your physical security needs.


Facility Management

Managing your facility, large or small, efficiently is our top priority. Door access control devices and even time + attendance systems are at times able to network together and be managed effectively on the same software or web browser. Many access products are able to capture real time video when guest or employees gain access into a space. Defining the needs of your company or space will help us work together to determine which products will meet your needs.

Card/Fob Access

Cards or fobs that are embedded with a chip hold credentials for access. If swiped or held across an access control device that could be installed on a door, by a door access point, or on a wall for time and attendance, the card would allow entrance to an area or deny entrance based on the credentials. Many companies also use the card as an ID with a photo, assigned department, and employee number printed on it. The device(s) installed would dictate which card credentials are necessary or we are able to suggest the best solutions for cards that you may already have. iClass, HID, and Mifare are most popular.

Biometric Safes

Your office or home security does not need to end with the doorway. In many circumstances it is necessary to protect valuables using a safe. If you have questions about biometric, pin code, or mix and match access options our specialist are ready to help.