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Simplified Management

Manage multiple facilities easily from one software browser.

Our Services

Simplified Worker Entry

Access rights are set up in the web based software to automate when users are allowed access into the controlled space. These access rights are given based on SST/ Certifications, shifts, or zones; depending on the industry preference.


SST/ Certifications can be managed easily from the same web browser. Worker expiration report with individual users’ certification and days to expire.


Quick Badging

The badging process is quick. Enroll the access member, choose access rights, then upload an image. The card is styled with your companies branding prior to printer set-up.


Many companies use the access card as an ID with a photo, assigned department, and employee number printed on it. After an image is uploaded and the user is saved, print to the badge printer for a completed card.

Reporting Suite

Find a full suite of industry specific reporting tools within the software web browser. The data is pulled from all access points networked together. This means that whether using 6 turnstiles, or 4 facility doors for access, or a combination of each


– the information is synced together for complete reporting. The software we recommend is designed for instant access to easily download critical data.

Reporting Capabilities

  • Worker and Contractor Timesheets

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Advance Mustering Capabilities

  • Reporting Center Includes:

  • Complete site roster report and complete on-site roster report available

  • Company summaries that include total numbers of workers and hours worked

  • Trades report specifying % of the workforce on site

  • Worker expiration report with individual users’ certification and days to expire

  • Inactive users report detailing last date on site

  • NYC Local Law 196 DOB daily training log

  • Comprehensive worker time reports

  • Demographic reports by ethnicity, gender and postal/zip code

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